Rogue Waves Common in Gulf of Mexico

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Many people do not know what a rogue wave is, however many surfers understand that ninth wave theory.
In other words every ninth wave is a bigger wave to the normal ones.
And the ninth wave of the ninth wave is the biggest of all.
So to a surfer the rogue wave concept is not such a big deal.
But how do rogue waves happen?Well, consider converging waves coming from multiple directions and then consider the ninth wave theory.
As these waves converge occasionally the ninth wave of the ninth wave from one ongoing movement of water hits another one at the exact same time in a certain place into this causes a huge wave of massive proportions and some believe as much as 100 feet high and it appears to come out of the blue and many people cannot explain it.
Now rogue waves caused from the ninth wave theory are not proven and it is highly skeptical that this is even true.
However if you ask a surfer about such scenarios they often consider this theory to be very viable.
Oceanographers and wave research specialists disagree and do not believe that this is ninth wave thing is possible with rogue waves scenarios.
The scientists do believe in rogue waves because we have proof of that but they do not believe that the ninth wave theory has anything to do with them.
We do know however rogue waves are very common in the Gulf of Mexico and they have even hit large cruise ships and caused extreme damage.
Please consider all this in 2006.
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