How to Make Cadillac Margaritas

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    • 1). Moisten the rim of your margarita glass by rubbing the lime around it. Make sure to get plenty of lime juice on the rim, since the juice will hold the salt to the rim, and you don't want any missed spots.

    • 2). Pour sea salt into a saucer. Make sure the salt is poured so that it makes a pile. It needs to be deep enough so that when you dip your glass rim into it both sides of the rim are covered. Dip the rim and rotate the glass in a circle until salt lines the entire top of the glass.

    • 3). Pour ice into the mixing and margarita glasses. Fill the margarita glass three-quarters full with the ice and set aside. Fill the mixing glass only half full of ice.

    • 4). Pour the tequila over the top of the ice in the mixing glass. Follow with the Cointreau.

    • 5). Add the remaining ingredients except for the Grand Marnier. Cover the mixing glass and shake vigorously.

    • 6). Pour the mixture through a strainer into the salt-rimmed margarita glass. Gently pour the Grand Marnier on top of the drink so it floats. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

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