The Top Timeshare Vacation Destinations

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Many people would think that top the timeshare travel destinations would only be in coastal states like Florida, North Carolina, Cancun (Mexico) and South Carolina. But you would be amazed to find that even places like Nevada, California and Minnesota are vying to occupy the top timeshare destination spot. Also the rocky mountain states of Arizona and Utah are also not far behind. Each of these destinations has some special traits which attract visitors from all over the world. Not to forget the kind of amenities these destinations offer which makes them a crowd puller.

Florida for example is one of the first timeshare travel destinations that comes to mind. Where? How about Orlando, especially since it's considered one of the best family vacations in the world. There are so many different entertainment companies out there, theme parks, and various other benefits that it's hard to pass up. Whether it is the Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Sea World, or the Island of Adventure, each one of them is well populated with tourists every year. If you need a beach, Daytona is considering the world's most famous. A lot of this has to do with the 23 miles of beach front out there. You can experience sailing, surfing or jet skiing or simply enjoy watching the competitions that take place.

When thinking of vacationing who can forget Cancun, Mexico which is know for its white sandy beaches, great weather, bright blue sky and outstanding hospitality. One can get attractive timeshare packages and vacation discounts here.

Another place to consider is Hilton Head, South Carolina. You can play plenty of golf courses around the area, take a bike ride along the coast, or just sit back and enjoy the weather. It's also possible to take a cruise where you can see dolphins swimming alongside your cruise ship. It's also one of the main features around Cancun as well. Most importantly, these timeshare travel destinations are great choices. Cancun will even give you plenty of nightlife during anytime throughout the year.

When you want to enjoy the tourism industry, you can never pass up California. Anaheim is the home of Disneyland, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy timeshare accommodations along the way. However, before you leave the state, there are several timeshare travel destinations and attractions like San Francisco. You definitely don't' want to pass up; Fisherman's Wharf ,Ghirardelli Square, Coit Tower, and the mansions of Pacific Heights, world's biggest Chinatown outside Asia, Union Square, and world renowned landmarks like crooked Lombard Street. If you don't' mind a personal side note, the Marriott in Newport Beach, California is fantastic.

Another one of the timeshare travel destinations is Las Vegas, Nevada. No matter where you turn there is entertainment everywhere. If you are looking for fun and excitement, you can't go wrong here. If you want to take on a few casinos and try your luck, this is definitely the place to go. Anything you want to do is possible in Las Vegas. After all, it's the city that never sleeps.

Although these are just a few of the timeshare travel destinations that you may choose to purchase, rent, or exchange a timeshare property, there are many many more to choose from. And that is just within the United States. Popular exchange companies such as Interval International open up a whole world of timeshare travel destinations, literally. There are many more popular locations through out Europe, South America, Australia, and the Caribbean. Really, there is no doubt that there is a lovely timeshare resort in your preferred climate and country with all the activities that you could want. The key is learning how to fully use the resort exchange, there is a whole world of vacationing enjoyment out there. Go live it.
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