My Struggle Through Life

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I have struggled all my life to be noticed, to be wanted, to be appreciated, to be liked, to be loved, to be respected.
I have struggled all my life to be intelligent, to be smart, to just once be the best, to be at peace, to have the struggle cease.
I have struggled all my life to win the approval of family, of friends, of all people in general.
I have struggled all my life to not be used, to once be picked, to once come in first, to not be played, to be cherished if only for a moment, to just once beat the opponent.
I have struggled all my life, the struggles must end, must be stopped, mended, healed.
I have struggled all my life.
Now this new me will last, now just pieces of my past.
Now there they will stay forever at bay.
As much as I want the closure to come and be dealt with, it may come and yet it may never come.
I know I need to face it all head on and I know it all has to be dealt with.
I have struggled all my life.
How did the struggles end, one by one, piece by piece, minute by minute.
I have found myself, all by myself.
 I have accepted myself and I now love myself.
I have struggled all my life and now all the struggles are gone from my life.
I have now a new life.
To those of you who are now like I was, anything is possible to those who believe.
We each are unique.
We each will find this, if we just seek.
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