6 Things to Check When Looking for a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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Which are the really important parts of an excellent sliding compound miter saw? You can read hundred of reviews detailing motor amperage, lasers, blade diameter, RPM speed, bevels and miters and still be confused. What are the things to check to make sure you end you with a great saw?

The first might not seem important, but it is. Check if the measurement guides, adjustments and controls are easy to read and if they can endure years of wood cutting. These are details, but if you are unable to read the measurements and numbers on the saw, that is a cause for major frustration.

The user friendliness of the saw is the next thing to check. Is it easy or difficult to setup a certain cut? If cuts cannot be setup easily on the sliding compound miter saw, your projects will be slowed down and there are higher chances for bad cuts.

It is important to check the power of the miter saw in terms of blade speed (RPM) and motor amps. Really smooth cuts are directly related to blade speed. Faster spinning blade teeth leads to more efficient cut. The power of the saw is indicated by the motorâEUR(TM)s amperage. This is what makes possible (or not) for the saw to keep a fast blade speed when you make a rather difficult cut.

A laser sight system is not necessary, but it is definitely a really nice and handy option. This is an addition that will make you save money in the next few years, as you will make less bad cuts.

Another thing to pay attention to is the blade diameter. Blade diameters for miter saws range between 8 and 12 inches. A larger blade can cut larger lumber. If the only difference between the items is the 10 or 12 inches blade diameter, you should go with the 12 inch one as that will provide you more flexibility. For most of the cases, do not choose 8 inches saws, only if you will cut trim material.

The last but equally important thing to check is the warranty of the miter saw. Most Hitachi saw have a 5 year warranty, Dewalt offers 3 year warranty, while Makita saws warranty is limited to 1 year. When shopping for the right sliding compound miter saw, it is essential to take in consideration the available warranty as you make the hopefully wise decision.
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