Small Commercial UAVs - It"s Time For the FAA To Drop the Draconian Dictatorship Directives

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How big is the market for small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems), and MAVs (Micro-Air Vehicles).
Well, right now, no one really knows, but every one you ask in aviation sees it as significant and everyone would like a piece of it.
If we allow this new aviation sector to flourish, we stand to gain quite a bit.
Did, I just say; Jobs! Yes, and profits, and innovation, and all that goes with it, we are talking about the future.
So, let's discuss this shall we? There was an interesting article in Flight Global recently titled; "AUVSI: FAA considering exemptions to allow 'low-risk" UAV flights," by Jon Hemmerdinger published on May 13, 2014.
The article stated; "The companies want to use UAVs for four commercial purposes: filming, power line inspection, precision agriculture and flare stack inspection, says Williams.
The FAA Reauthorization Act allows the agency to grant exemptions for operations it determines do not pose significant risks.
'These operations are specific, limited and low risk to people and property on the ground,' Williams says.
He does not specify when the companies first approached the FAA, saying only that discussions began 'some time' ago.
" It appears to me that the Federal Aviation Administration is really holding back this industry, but the free market is fighting back now.
Just go watch the video titled: "AUVSI Video Blog - Small UAVs on the Rise" on YouTube by Military & Aerospace Electronics narrated by John Keller.
This is what is happening, and not only in the US either, all over the world.
The US leads the globe in aerospace engineering, we build the best of everything, but the rest of the world is busy copying us and we need to stay bleeding edge to compete - unfortunately the FAA bureaucracy is in the way.
Over the years the FAA has all but destroyed General Aviation and here we are on the edge of another incredible new fast growing chute in this sector, and the FAA wants to come in with a bulldozer to do a little weed whacking, that just isn't going to work.
We need to defund and downsize as much of the FAA as possible if we wish to lead the world in unmanned systems, further if we don't do it now, those flying cars of the future will be designed, built and produced overseas with the profits staying there, we cannot allow all that trade flow to fly away like that.
Please consider all this and think on it.
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