Finding Nemo Parties are a Swimmingly Good Time

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What better way to kick off the summer pool season than by throwing a Finding Nemo pool party!Kids of all ages adore this new Disney classic and you will have a swimmingly easy time entertaining your guests.
No need to buy expensive Disney pre-made Finding Nemo invitations when you can make your own out of blue and orange construction paper and Finding Nemo stickers.
Start off the invitation with "Swim on over to the Smith reef for fun in the sun with Nemo, Marlin and Dory!"Provide guests instructions including directions and let them know to bring swimsuits and towels.
It's also not a bad idea to invite the parents to stay so they can help organize the fun and care for struggling swimmers.
Snacks for the Finding Nemo Party can be simply tailored for this event.
Have bowls of goldfish type crackers, gummy fish and Swedish Fish available poolside and blue kool-aid as Shark Punch.
Make gelatin into fish shapes for a hands on snack the swimmers can enjoy.
For fun Finding Nemo party games take a spin on the game Marco Polo by having the children call "Nemo" and "Dory" from the shallow end of the pool.
There may be children at your Finding Nemo party who do not wish to swim; planning activities for the will keep them entertained.
Keep with the theme by having them draw pictures, play with bubbles and play the Finding Nemo movie inside to keep them out of the sun.
Finding Nemo parties are quite popular and are great for summer fun.
Plan your next party to include all the fishy friends from under the sea.
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