Brick Repair

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There are a lot of do-it-yourself'ers out there that attempt to perform their own brick repairs.
Many of them are using various products from their local hardware store or kits that are found on line.
As you have probably noticed, most of these kits or crack repair tubes and various other products don't give the desired effect.
These products are intended to seal cracks, but they are not intended to make the cracks go away.
If you have not used one of these products, you may still have seen their results on homes in your neighborhood.
They tend to leave a noticeable lightening bolt repair across the side of the home.
This is known as the LBE or lightening bolt effect.
In general, these LBEs are ugly and undesirable to you as the resident or to the prospective buyer of your home.
In the buying process, the buyer will generally have an inspector take a look around the home to determine the extent of the damage on the home.
The buyer will then devalue the selling price of the home based on what the inspector thinks the repairs will cost.
These estimates are often higher the more undesirable things look.
It is for this purpose, I have created a method of matching the new mortar for repairs to the original mortar of your home.
We use this method daily and can match any mortar within a reasonable tone, which is difficult to locate just hours after the repair is complete.
These services are available on my website for the do-it-yourself'er.
Just send us a sample of your mortar, and we will analyze it, match it, and send you the exact recipe to recreate it as needed to complete your repairs.
There is also a guide to help you through the process of brick repair which takes you through step by step.
It explains each tool needed, what it is used for and how to use it, Learn how to match the mortar, and more.
This is the best guide on the market.
We have tested it in trials to confirm the content to be informative and complete.
There are discounts available in the "Brick Repair Guide" for mortar matching and other services.
Before you spend money on some form of do-it-yourself kit, visit our website and become well informed.
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