Choose the Right Colours to Protect Yourself Against UV Rays

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Although this is not some season information, it seems that the clothes in light colours, even white are not the ones which can protect you against UV rays.
It is a lot better to wear darker colours and clothes made of thicker fabrics.
Therefore, if you are already thinking of your summer holidays this year or you are planning on visiting some exotic venues, you should leave all your Hawaiian shirts at home and pack a lot of thick and dark-coloured clothes and add a nice black hat to them.
  This seems to be the advice of the researchers at the Cataluna University in Barcelona, who have done some studies on this topic and on how you can protect yourself against the rays emitted by the sun.
According to them, the worst choices you can make would be the white T-shirts which are also made of some thin fabric, the almost invisible and pastel-coloured tops and the wet swimming suits.
  The researchers have proven that dark blue is the best colour which can protect you from all the negative effects of the sun.
Yellow, for instance, only has a protection index of fifteen, while red has a protection index of twenty.
The best way to determine if a certain clothing article can ensure the necessary protection for you is to look at it in the light.
If you can see right through it, that is a bad sign, meaning that the rays of the sun can also see right through it, so to speak.
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