Why Finger Foods are a Party Essential You Must Perfect

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At any gathering, whether it is a formal or casual one, the one thing guests always remember about it is the food that was served. They especially remember the appetizers because let's face it, if it took you a while to serve the main course, they would've had ample time to digest and dissect every bit of those hors d'oeuvres.

Finger foods are considered a god-send by party hosts for a lot of reasons, but the main ones would be first, it keeps the guests occupied while they prepare the entrees or main course. It also a kind of insurance in case the main meal doesn't turn out quite the way you planned to. In any case, finger foods these days are just as important as the main meal and if your finger foods aren't perfect to begin with, it can dampen what would have otherwise a perfect party.

From as far back as the 18th century, finger foods have been referred to by the French as canapés, which was the original term for sofa. Finger foods used to be just thin slices of bread that were toasted or fried and spread with various savory toppings. It is because of the way they were served that canapés earned their nickname, because the topping just sat on top of the bread, very much like how people sit on sofas. Check here for examples of the most popular canapés served at parties these days.

When the Prohibition came around, bars and taverns were closed down but at the same time, small watering holes known as speakeasies came into being, mostly in the basements and homes of people who were a little more adventurous. To make sure the guests didn't leave too inebriated and attracted attention to the secret saloons, they were served finger foods along with their drinks and these small bites proved to be the solution as they can be conveniently carried on one hand while the guests drank and socialized.

As time wore on, the popularity of canapés grew so much that there wasn't a cocktail party that didn't serve them. Cookbooks published back then started to include sections on canapés and recipes for the now famous Lobster sandwiches a La Boulevard, Sardine Canapés and Cheese Wafers. More recently, however, the term canapés are reserved for more formal and fancier gatherings while finger foods became associated with more casual occasions like small parties, buffets, potluck and events like the Super Bowl. View IconEventCatering website to get an idea of the finger food menus you can serve for your own small gatherings.

Finger foods used to be something you served if you were pressed for time but these days, it has become party essential that you must perfect since it sets the tone for what guests can expect as far as party food goes. There are various types of finger foods that you can serve depending on the occasion from casual cocktails to the most formal occasions like weddings. In addition to being fuss-free and convenient to eat, there's just something fun about eating with your hands that makes the food seem even more delicious than usual. It seems to put most guests at ease, ensuring a good flow of party conversation. Check out some finger foods catering in Iconeventcatering.com.au to get an idea of what kind of finger foods are best served at parties today.

Also, unless you're a reincarnation of Julia Childs, you need to be able to whip up some really good finger food for your parties, just to give your guests something to be excited about and look forward to the main course. However, most people have no idea that crostini served with dollops of peanut butter on top do not count as finger foods and even if you have your closest and unless you have your closest and dearest friends and family as your guests, you may just find your party ending earlier than usual.

So before you go ahead and decide to do the finger foods yourself, remember that variety is the name of the game. Try to serve at least four to six selections of meat, seafood and vegetarian finger foods to make sure you've got every kind of guest covered. While chicken wings and subs are a surefire hit, changing it up to similar but newer versions may just be the thing you need to liven up the party. But if you truly have no idea what to serve, you can always opt to find finger food caterers at the Iconeventcatering website for example and consult with experts on the best and most delicious finger food menus you can try.

If you do decide to go for hiring professional caterers, there are three things you must consider: price, your guests' preferences and time. Make sure you know how many people you are going to invite as catering companies usually price per head count. Consider the possibility of extra guests and even some party crashers coming in so it is important that you get an estimate from your potential caterers so as not to break the bank.

Your guests' preferences as well should be something you take into consideration. Make sure you know all their dietary restrictions and any possible food allergies so that you can pass on this information to your caterers. Nothing dampens a party more than a guest that suddenly breaks out in rashes or bloats due to eating lobsters or shrimps by mistake.

And lastly, don't forget to make your bookings in ample time, especially if you have special requirements that need time to prepare. Remember that while your schedule is important, the caterers' schedule is equally important as they should also be able to give you what you pay for and it won't do to have them turn you down especially if you are pressed for time just because they can't accommodate your preferred date. When you go for catering finger food at IconEventCatering make sure you do it all in good time to have the best party everyone will be talking about for a long, long time.
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