Italian Dual Citizenship Laws

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    Eligibility through Father

    • If you were born outside Italy but one of your parents is or was an Italian citizen, you may be eligible to gain Italian citizenship as well. Regardless of age, you can claim Italian citizenship through your father if he was an Italian citizen when you were born, provided you never renounced your right to Italian citizenship.

    Eligibility through Mother

    • You can also claim eligibility for Italian citizenship through your mother, again, provided that your mother was an Italian citizen when you were born and that you never renounced the right to Italian citizenship. There is a catch on the mother's side, though. While sons or daughters can claim their father's citizenship regardless of when they were born, you can only appeal to your mother's Italian citizenship to gain your own status as an Italian citizen if you were born after January 1, 1948.

    Eligibility through Grandparents

    • The same requirements for seeking Italian citizenship through either of your parents can be applied, with some modification, if you wish to appeal through a grandparent's or great-grandfather's Italian citizenship. Even if you and your father or mother were born outside of Italy, you could still be eligible for dual citizenship, provided that neither you nor your parent ever renounced Italian citizenship, if your grandmother or grandfather was an Italian citizen when your parent was born.

    Eligibility through Great-Grandparents

    • The same applies with a great-grandfather (but, for whatever reason, not a great-grandmother), if your great-grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of the birth of your grandparent and neither you, your parent nor your grandparent ever renounced the possibility of Italian citizenship. In cases of appealing for citizenship through grandparents and great-grandparents, you can only use your maternal line if you were born after January 1, 1948--the same condition as if you were appealing directly through your mother's citizenship.


    • Documentation required to apply for Italian dual citizenship given the preceding eligibility requirement can be extensive. Depending on the specific family member or members through whom you are applying, you will need the birth, marriage and naturalization certificates of the family member, your own birth certificate, and any other pertinent marriage, death, and birth certificates. Any documents not originating in Italy must also be accompanied by a legal document called an apostille and translation.

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