How to Get That Correct Golf Slice

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Aiming for a correct golf slice? Most golfers usually experience the problem of slicing the ball. What some players usually do to compensate for this is by aiming their drive way over the fairway to avoid it falling on the opposite side. The remedy should actually be correcting your golf slice, mastering this technique will save you a lot of strokes during the game.

To improve yourself in this game, it requires a lot of patience and correct assessment of your problems. A wrong analysis of things will not make your game any better.

The first thing you do to correct this problem is by checking if your stance is correct. The proper stance is by placing your feet apart about the same distance as your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulders are straight and aligned towards the target before making that swing. You should be in a comfortable position to be able to swing the club with proper force.

Take note that your elbows have to feel comfortable and not awkward. You have to be critical of all the changes that you make in your body while executing your swing. Think of your self as a precision machine trying to fire a projectile, any minor alterations will change the course of your hit.

Now, let us concentrate on your grip. The correct way to hold the club will be to have your left hand and thumb in line with the shaft, place this in line with your right shoulder. Make sure that your hands are in a straight position aiming toward the club. Also, take note of your grip; it should be as tight as holding an apple in your hand. Now, wrap your right hand over your left hand and make sure that your right palm is above your left thumb. If you grip this too tightly, this will make you hook the ball instead of slicing it. A weak grip, on the other hand, causes your hands to roll back and make your weaker hand face the target while your stronger hand is pointing the other way. The correct angle of your swing must be from the inside going out.

So you can analyze and practice your swing better, you will really need to go to the driving range to correct your grip. Take note of the small adjustments that you make so that you can correct your grip and angle of swing.

The proper downswing is done by using your hips while your eyes are fixed on the ball and your head is behind the ball; with this, you will have a smooth follow through. By correcting your swing, you also master a correct golf slice.

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