How to Make Your Own Craft Ideas for a Jewish Wedding

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    Making Your Own Chuppah

    • 1). Sketch your design. Match the fabric colors to the wedding theme colors. Decide where you will drape flowers, how to tie the sashes and any other personal touches.

    • 2). Take measurements. Measure how much fabric is needed to cover the top of the gazebo and the gazebo height. Buy several yards of extra fabric to be sure you have enough.

    • 3). Cover the top of the gazebo. Attach the fabric to the frame by sewing ties to the drape. Secure the ties around the top of the frame.

    • 4). Attach the gauzy fabric to the chuppah cover. Use five separate pieces of gauzy fabric the length of each side of the gazebo. Use two pieces for the front side facing the guests. Sew each piece to the four sides of solid fabric.

    • 5). Add garnishes. Use the sashes to tie the two pieces of gauzy fabric to the gazebo polls. Drape floral garlands around the top of the chuppah.

    Design Your Own Invitations

    • 1). Plan the design and wording of the invitations. Decide if you want a folded invitation or single card. Include the names of the bride and groom, the parents, the date and time of the wedding and the location.

    • 2). Add a Hebrew cultural touch. Include a Hebrew poem or love-themed quote from the Torah. The Song of Songs in the Torah has many quotable lines on love.

    • 3). Choose cardstock. Match the color of the invitations to the color scheme of the wedding. Add embellishments such as confetti, flower petals or seeds to symbolize growing the new relationship.

    • 4). Design the invitation on your computer using any graphics program. Download Hebrew language fonts if needed. Print the invitations on the cardstock.

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