Video: Vegetable Stock Needed For Spicy Sweet Havana Chicken

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to make the stock. We're going to take one tablespoon of the vegetable stock, and we're going to put that into the pan.We're then going to mix it with a cup of water. We're going to cook this on a medium level. An important thing to remember whenever you're dealing with pots in the kitchen is to not have the pot handle placed like this, because you could be moving, or someone else could come and that would spill; so always turn it back to the side. When we wait for the water, we will slowly stir the vegetable stock; to break it into pieces. Once it boils, it will pretty much disintegrate, but this will help along with the process; and again, we're going to use this stock in two different things. We are going to mix a small amount of it with corn starch; which will act as a thickening agent. Then we're going to use the rest of it; mixing it with about a half a cup of this vegetable stock, a half a cup of rum, and a half a cup of orange juice. That will give the dish it's sweet flavor.
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