Car Battery Replacement: Need A Charge?

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Have you experienced a dead car battery at one time or another? If so, you know that a good car battery is critical to the performance of your vehicle, even though it seems to be a fairly simple and insignificant component. Have you wondered why your vehicle may all of a sudden need a car battery replacement even though you have consistently taken care of it!
The "why" and "how" of a car battery:

Simply stated, a car battery is a device that produces electrical energy by way of an electro-chemical reaction within the interior. The battery itself is contained within an acid-proof container for safety reasons. The two substances that produce an electro-chemical reaction are found in metal plates that physically hang in the acid solution, resulting in the flow of electricity inside the battery. One set of plates act as the positive terminal and the other set of plates act as a negative terminal.

The charged plates are slowly depleted by the repeated chemical reaction as the current produced by the car battery is consumed by the vehicle's electrical system. More electricity is created as this chemical reaction continues. If this electrical current is not replenished, the car battery will no longer be able to supply the power necessary to operate the various components of the electrical system. This is where the alternator takes over and performs its job.

The recharging of a car battery is the process of reversing the effect of the chemical reaction that has taken place by reversing the flow of current and re-charging the internal plates. This in turn restores the full electrical current that flows from the car battery to the vehicle's electrical system components. If you are experiencing problems but have determined that the alternator is still working efficiently, but the electrical system isn't functioning properly or inoperable altogether, it is more than likely a car battery replacement will be required in the near future.

A car battery must be in good condition internally for it to function properly, working together with the connections that feed the current to the electrical components.

Headed for a car battery replacement? Contact our ASE certified technicians today at Rebel Automotive or go online to for more information. We will be pleased to take care of your vehicle and provide you with honest and professional car maintenance services. Our auto repair shop serves vehicle owners in Henderson, NV, Las Vegas, NV, and Boulder City, NV.

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