Six Reasons to Start Planning Your New Church Facility Now

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Many church leaders believe that a slow economy is a dangerous time to begin building a new church.
Some common fears include an uncertain future, inability to repay a loan, and fear of failure.
However, there are several reasons why it would be wise to start planning and building your new church facility now.
Here are six reasons: 1.
The Planning, Design, Bidding, Funding, and Permitting processes can often take two years or longer.
Even if you started tomorrow, it might be two years from now before you could even be ready to break ground.
At that time you would have your plans, budget, permits and financing in place and be in a position to choose a ground break date whenever you felt conditions were most favorable.
With the sluggish economy, construction costs are low.
According to the 12- 21-08 Issue of the Facilities Management News, in the month of November of 2008 alone: structural steel costs fell 11%, asphalt costs fell 15%, diesel fuel costs fell 20%.
The article predicts, "The decline in metals, energy and freight costs in the pipeline will push down the prices of manufactured products in the next few months.
" 3.
Interest rates are near all-time lows.
Even as low construction costs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the front-end of construction, today's low interest rates can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest expense over the term of the loan.
The slow economy offers additional opportunities and benefits: 4.
Designers, builders, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and permit authorities all have seen their work-loads reduced which will result in faster and better service for you from everyone that you will be working with.
Your time from planning to occupancy will be reduced which translates into cost savings on construction interest, rent, utilities, etc.
Your project will be notable in your community as one of the few significant new construction projects at this time.
It will generate a lot of public interest.
If you are working with a Construction Manager, the church will be in a position to hire friends of the church and members of the church to perform some aspects of the construction work, which could be a great blessing to both the church family and to many other families in your community.
Fortunately, some churches are waking up to these realities and have started the construction of their new worship facilities.
Prayerfully consider your church's future and seek wise counsel in the process.
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