Furniture Designers, Let"s Produce your Design !

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We found in many furniture forums that most furniture designers would like to produce their furniture design exclusively but seems not easy to get manufacturers to work with.
And for designers that prefer cooperate with overseas manufacturers, especially from Jepara, Indonesia then we think we can help you.

If you love to produce your furniture both in woods and rattans material and combine or mixed with handicraft made in Jepara such as traditional weaving called “Tenun Troso” and Monel accessories and a bit accent of carvings, Jepara is best place to start your project, on our supervising we are going to help you to find best manufacturers to work with here in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
Also we offer our quality assurance service to make you sure your furniture project done properly.

As long as your furniture design is producing for bulk quantity and the minimum order is one container load I think its easy to find manufacturers to work with. Then for marketing tool, we are going to add new link in called “Designer Showroom” to show your design and get inquiry for it.
What do you think?

Indonesia has many tropical woods as source for furniture products such as mahogany, teak, acasia, pine, any fruit woods and biggest producer of rattan. And Jepara is well-known with their skilled carvers for decades, so now you have an inspiration what kind of design suit to your style and market.

In Jepara we can found more than hundreds of furniture producers and manufacturers, from small suppliers to huge suppliers which handle more than hundreds client found in this small town.
From low quality to the highest one is easy to found, from traditional to modern style furniture. It's like big shopping mall specialized in selling any kind of furniture products. And remember, furniture suppliers in Jepara almost can produce any furniture products!

And for shipping the products, its only takes two hours from nearest seaport in Semarang, so no need to worry your stuffs would be damage or scratch while leaving Jepara.

Also we can found many accessories supported for furniture products such as any brass handles and accessoreis, any furniture fabrics and leathers both local or import one in Jepara. So what else do you need? If you interest to start your project, kindly please send your message to our email :

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