6" Hardwood Plank Installation

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    • Although six-inch hardwood planks can be installed by predrilling holes into the wood and attaching them with hand-driven finish nails, the best and quickest way to install the planks is to use a flooring nailer or finish nailer for attachment. You can purchase or rent a hardwood flooring nailer or finish nailer from a tool rental store or hardware store. Each nailer can be loaded with finish nails or staples and can be used efficiently to install six-inch hardwood planks.


    • Six-inch hardwood planks usually come with a tongue side and a groove side on the leading and trailing edges. The planks fit together like a puzzle until the entire floor is covered in one fitted sheet. In order to protect the floor or wall onto which the planks are installed, lay down a layer of rosin paper (pink) before installing the wood. Make sure that the installation begins square. If you are installing the six-inch boards on the floor, measure to include a 3/4-inch gap at all walls. You may need to face-nail the first row of planks using a finish nailer. The floor nailer cannot be used on the first row because of the angle of the nailer and the fact that the nailer must be placed onto the leading edge for installation. Placing the nailer on the leading edge of a six-inch plank will angle the nailer back into the wall, preventing usage of the nailer. Once you have 12 or 18 inches of wood out from the beginning wall, then you can begin using the floor nailer. Cut boards for the ends of rows with a circular saw. When you reach the end of the installation, against the opposite wall, you may need to rip the last six-inch board in order for it to fit. You may do so by marking the board and cutting it with a circular saw.

      For wall installation, use a regular finish nailer to attach the wood. Insert the nails at an angle through the tongue that will not obstruct the fit of the groove of the next plank, so that the nails will not be visible on the installed planks. Begin the installation at the bottom of the wall about 3/4 inch off the floor. Use a hand level to level the first row of planks. Whether you are installing the planks on the floor or the wall, stagger the joints so that no two joints align.

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