A Small Formal Dining Room Can Be Beautiful and Functional

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A dining room is at the heart of a home.
It is where you gather to break bread as a family, and it is where you entertain your guests.
Allocating some time and money to decorate your dining room can really give you a great return on your investment.
By designing a room that is elegant but comfortable will make dining in your home a memorable experience for both family and friends.
Simple Colors - By selecting your furniture, walls and flooring from a neutral palette you lend an air of sophistication to the room, and you give yourself a blank slate to easily dress for any occasion.
Texture Talks - Adding texture to the room keeps it from feeling flat and monochromatic.
Select a focal wall for a black and white wall treatment or simply use a faux painting technique to add interest to all of the walls.
Molding and wainscoting can add further dimension to the walls.
Adding light or sheer curtains to the windows will continue the formal tone of the room.
Focus - A single accent adds drama to a room.
A single large artwork, mirror or piece of furniture can really anchor your design and add drama while still staying neutral.
Other focal points in a dining room could be a beautiful centerpiece or an exquisite light fixture, but remember that you want your palette fairly neutral so that it is easy to change the look of your room for any occasion.
Scale Furniture - Make sure that you can move easily about the room.
There is nothing worse than having to shimmy into your seat at the table.
A drop leaf table is a wonderful investment because you can customize to whatever sizes you need.
If you have a smaller dining room it is better to have less furniture in the room to keep an easy traffic flow.
Mix and Match - Look for a dining room table and chairs that you really love.
This furniture is generally a pretty substantial investment that you will likely own for quite some time.
Remember that it is quite acceptable to purchase your table and chairs separately to build a more individual look for your room.
You can create an eclectic look by mixing the style of your chairs, or keep it a little more traditional by only selecting different chairs for each end of the table.
You can unify your chairs by chair style or even by upholstery.
Lush Linens - Invest in several beautiful tablecloths, and do not be afraid to layer table runners for an elegant look.
Feel free to mix and match colors and styles of china, flatware and serving dishes to create a look that is all your own.
There is no limit to your creativity when designing a festive place setting, and your guests are sure to remember any meal that they enjoy in your dining room.
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