How I Save About $300 Every Year on Laundry Detergents!

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As a homemaker, washing the laundry's part of my daily chores.
Naturally, part of the household savings used to go to the laundry detergent.
I started exploring alternatives to laundry detergent because I've got rather sensitive skin and I suspect laundry detergent's one of the culprit in causing my sudden rash outbreaks.
Though the rashes are mild, it causes me unnecssary worries and anxiety and so I did a little research on laundry detergents.
A little about laundry detergents before I go any further - I discovered that laundry detergents consist of harmful ingredients (namely phosphate & chlorine amongst other petrochemicals) that can be potentially hazardous to you and your family.
These ingredients are also un-environment friendly.
Unlike food products and medications, laundry detergent companies are not required by law to list their ingredients or prove that they are in fact environmentally/human friendly.
Nevertheless, there are many brands on the market that list their ingredients, since they're not afraid to show consumers what they include in their eco-friendly formula for laundry detergent.
They are happy to show their integrity on their packing.
This is important to look for when purchasing laundry detergents, since there's no way of knowing what those other companies are trying to hide from you.
And so, I began experimenting with a couple of eco-friendly laundry detergents since they contain less harmful chemicals.
I was quite satisfied with the results since I was saving both my family and the earth using them (I'm such a mom with the big picture).
Plus, I was able to find and use coupons to purchase them, so my savings amounted to quite a fair bit.
Sadly, eco-friendly laundry detergents cost much more than their unfriendly counterparts and even with my strategic use of coupons, the household expenses on laundry detergent were relatively quite high.
So, i had to forgo the eco-friendly way and search for a better alternative.
Then I found it! Or so it seemed.
Interestingly, this company were mysteriously prepared towards my advances.
They disarmed me almost completely with a risk free trial.
I couldn't ask for more and placed an order immediately.
I received the Magnetic Laundry System within the week and began the trial.
I followed the instructions given - well, it was simply sticking the magnets on the base of the washing machine, add water & clothes, turn it on.
That's it! Throwing in my little Odin's soiled bibs and shirts amongst a bunch of other laundry stuff, I hoped against all hope for a miracle to work.
And it did! No detergent, no soap, no whatsoever, and it turned out clean and crisp the way i liked it.
I also discovered later that Magnetic Laundry System did not require a rinse cycle.
The rinse cycle is obsolete since it does not have to rinse off the chemicals from the detergent.
As a result, I've unexpectedly incurred savings on my electricity and water bills! I have nothing but praises for it.
So here's to my big secret on reducing laundry expenses - try it [http://www.
com/household/how-i-save-about-300-every-year-on-laundry-detergents] out for yourself today!
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