What to Teach the First Day of Preschool

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    • One exciting event that often takes place on the first day of preschool is a tour of the school. Teachers guide the students around the school, pointing out important places, such as the bathrooms and principal's office. Students also learn where to put their backpacks, pencil boxes and coats. The teacher also shows the children where to sit, where story time is and where the playground is.


    • Another thing that teachers may do on the first day of preschool is to have the children make name tags. This helps the teacher learn everyone's name and enables the kids to do the same. Preschool age children cannot normally read; however, exposure to letters and words encourages children to learn how to read.


    • Preschool teachers often explain the classroom rules on the first day of preschool. Kids must understand what is expected of them and the consequences if they do not follow the rules. Teachers explain to the kids the rules about talking out of turn, sharing and the way they must treat the other students and teachers.

    Letters and Numbers

    • On the first day of preschool, teachers generally do not teach the children very much. One activity, however, is introducing them to letters and numbers. The teachers may give a handout that shows the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from zero through nine. This activity is used as an introduction to what the children will be learning about throughout the school year.

    Fun Things

    • Teachers often try to make preschool children feel safe and comfortable by playing fun games with them or through music. If a teacher plays the guitar, she may play some preschool age songs and have the kids sing along with her. The teacher may also bring the children outside to the playground to let them play and interact with one another.

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