Rebuilding the xidan book sacrifice old archway

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It only included grabbing as experts: according to old archway tectonic should be the same city is built appoint speculation of restored helpful:

70 "old Beijing" treasure "Beijing landscape" album 65 years listening to restore old landscape initiative says provide information --

Since heard relevant departments should rebuild xidan archway, live in the big ye will favour ShuYuLin qinghe open.He was sitting with the bus just to "consider", in-situ archway ask the project progress......As long as it is and reconstruction issues relevant, relaxes the big ye immediately to interest.

Shu big ye said, was so enthusiastic, because he has a book from the age of six treasure to now "baby" album - "the Beijing landscape"."Don't underestimate this album, I this year 71 years old, haven't seen more than it included Beijing landscape of all books!"Shu big ye proudly said he hopes the this old pictorial, can help the construction of Beijing.

65 old pictorial 70 old man when treasure

"Come see my baby!"Yesterday afternoon, just go to the big house, old man Schwartz the reporter pull into the room.From the big drawer bedside cupboard carrying out a crumpled brochure, relaxes the big ye wipe brush along while, baby similar put it on the table.

Reporters noticed that the brochure about 300 pages thick, seems to be soaked by water, crumpled, outside kraft paper pack.Open book, the pages are yellow, there are some pages have missing.But the edge of the page, are comfortable with green tape big good save.

"Don't break, there can be all baby!"One of the old man said, watching as the open your book, "HuaShui indicates this 65 JingEr I basic been prominently displayed prominently pity, unfortunately, now the image is not complete, a lot of JingEr didn't also prominently."Shu big ye sighed, repeatedly shook his head.

Reconstruction xidan archway. Voluntarily provided material

Shu big ye, told reporters he's a real old Beijing, before a ten mouth lived in mansion, a few days ago, former street listening to rebuild xidan archway, he hurriedly turn book, hope for the construction of Beijing to help, but didn't find something xidan arches.

"However, atlas has. I heard two archway grabbing archway of appearance is the same."Ye said Schwartz.

Turn to the screen, the old man grabbing archway as pictures of yellow, said: "you see, the archway! How air xidan archway built, I must use the same Angle albums take a look at what kind,!"Big, comfortable in saying that a face of hope.

Experts claim

According to calculate gross structure should be the same

Cultural relics of institute of tsinghua university hexiang WangGuiXiang said, according to the street at distance and architecture to infer that four pillars three rooms, when XiSi archway dongdan xidan and grabbing the structure, in general should be the same.

Appoint statement

Old photos of restored helpful

Beijing is built appoint zhang said that at present the principals, xidan culture square subway stations at the southwest corner of the west has started to reform.He hopes to contact to comfortable big ye, old photos of restored helpful.
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