E-cigs smokers in Australia briefed about accident

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Ever since a 57-year-old father of three from Florida was hospitalized due to injuries caused by an exploding e cigarette, many regulatory agencies and health experts have doubted the safety of this electronic device which is popular in Australia and other countries.

While there are many companies in Australia that are making and selling electronic cigarettes, the incident has shocked users and led them to question whether e cigarettes are safe. Fortunately, people who like to quit smoking can relax for now. Recent reports have emerged that picture the unfortunate accident as a glitch caused by tampering with electric cigarettes.   

Investigators believe that the victim, Tom Holloway, had modified the e cigs battery from parts that he purchased online. Holloway apparently did this to get more nicotine from the device. This type of e cigarette is referred by users as a "mod." Mods often use loose lithium-ion batteries instead of the sealed battery you'll find in most mass-produced electric cigarettes that you can get from any e-cigs online store, ecigs online shop or e-cigarettes supplier in Australia.

While some "mods" have built-in safety features comparable to commercial e-cigs, others don't and pose a risk to users who use e cigarettes to quit smoking. These inferior models are likely to malfunction and cause serious injuries in users.

Dan Recio, co-founder of an electric cigarettes manufacturer, explained that modified electronic cigarettes have a history of explosions and fires. This is caused mainly by cheap, unprotected lithium-ion batteries and overcharging – something that smokers in Australia should be aware of. He explained that an electrical fire is produced inside the device which causes a build up of hydrogen gas that could explode.

What smokers in Australia know so far is that this problem can be seen in certain types of mods, the XL specials in particular. This may occur in metal tube mods that use two batteries to produce a higher voltage. Other types of mods as well as regular e cigarettes and mid-sized electronic cigarettes are not affected.

For this reason, e-cigs users in Australia said that smokers should invest in a good battery. They recommend Li-Mn cells or protected Li-ion cells for e cigs. It's also a good idea to check the C rating of the battery. This shows the maximum discharge current of the battery and is given by the manufacturer. The ideal rating is at least 2,000mA (2 amps). Unprotected batteries with a lower rating are not recommended.

Check the mod for electrical and physical safety features. If you think you can save money by scrimping on batteries and getting the cheapest ones, you are merely exposing yourself to danger. Good batteries normally fetch about $10 each. Using $3 batteries for a 2-cell mod is a bad move and multiplies your risk by 1,000 times.

Recio said what Holloway experienced was a tragedy and hopes it will serve as a wakeup call to the industry to impose higher standards. However, he added that electronic cigarettes companies have always been on the safe side from the start and their batteries have safety features like automatic shutoff and smart chargers to prevent overcharging. Let's hope the image of e cigs doesn't get tarnished in Australia because of this.
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