How to Use Clavamox

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    • 1). Advise your veterinarian of all medications your pet is taking to make sure that there is no negative drug interaction. You should also verify with your vet that your pet is not allergic to penicillin since it is an active ingredient in Clavamox.

    • 2). Feed your pet so that the medication is not taken on an empty stomach.

    • 3). Read the dosage instructions for your pet. The dosage amount will vary depending upon you pet's weight.

    • 4). Administer the medication to your pet. If using the liquid form dispense with a medicine dropper.

    • 5). Continue giving Clavamox to your pet for 48 hours past the time that symptoms disappear. If there is no improvement in your pet's condition after administering the medication for three to five days, stop giving the medication and consult your veterinarian.

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