How to Lay Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

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    • 1). Lay felt flooring underlayment over the whole surface of the subfloor, using a razor knife to cut it to size. Lay the felt in overlapping rows and staple it down.

    • 2). Use your chalk snap-line to mark a line along the edge of the floor where you are going to start the flooring. Set the line at 1/2 inch out from the wall so there is room for the flooring to expand with environmental changes.

    • 3). Lay the first bamboo board on the line at one end of the floor, positioned so the grooved side faces the wall. Set it in place with your screwgun and flooring screws, putting a screw every 10 to 12 inches along both edges.

    • 4). Set the next boards of the first course off the end of the first one, connecting them all end to end by their tongue and groove fittings. Screw them down in the same manner as the first one. Use a miter saw to cut the last boards to size.

    • 5). Install the next course alongside the first course, linking the long edges of the boards by their tongue and groove fittings. Use a mallet and scrap piece of flooring to tap the boards tightly to one another. Arrange the boards so the ends aren't lined up with one another between courses. Secure the second course with the screws and screwgun as before.

    • 6). Set two or three more courses in the same manner, staggering the ends of the boards. Mix up the different shades of dark and light as you lay them, stepping back frequently to assess them.

    • 7). Work your way across the floor course by course, mixing the shades of the boards and staggering the ends. Switch back to your screw gun and screws as you approach the far wall and can fit the floor nailer there anymore.

    • 8). Use your table saw to cut the bamboo boards of the last courses length-wise to leave a 1/2-inch gap by the ending wall. Floor trim will hide the space.

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