How to Join the Midnight Club in GTA

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    • 1). Play the game in "Story" mode and access your cell phone at any time to bring up the main menu, which is shown on your cell phone.

    • 2). Select the "Multiplayer" option from the cell phone menu and then choose the "Player Match" option.

    • 3). Choose the "Ranked Match" option and then click on the "Race" option. The host of the game will select the criteria for the race.

    • 4). Start the race and make sure to not get any damage to your vehicle throughout. If you hit an object or another vehicle, the level will rise on your damage meter, which is located on the bottom of the screen.

    • 5). Get first place in the race without any damage made to your vehicle. You will receive a bronze ranking and a message will appear on the screen stating that you've joined the Midnight Club.

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