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Welcome to Infinity Property Management
Infinity Property Management a company that specializes in all aspects of property maintenance and home improvements. Our success is defined by quality service and high standards of professionalism that focuses on client needs and satisfaction. The key focus of our team is to provide you with prompt, reliable and round the clock services. Please Visit us here:
Gas Safe
Landlords have to produce gas safety certificates to their tenants while letting out their property. This legal requirement makes it mandatory for landlords to inspect the gas pipes and appliances every 12 months to ensure that all is fine. We,at Infinity have registered Gas Safe Engineer to check safety conditions and issue gas safe certificates.
Landlords call us for your gas safety certificates today
Tenants call us to ensure the safety conditions of your gas connections and pipes now
Handy Man
Handy man is the semi-skilled and skilled property maintenance guys who takes care of all the minor to major housing works. These works include minor plumbing, minor electrical repairs, house hold carpentry, painting, and minor repair work. As the name constitutes, the professional are just a call away to provide electricians service, minor plumbing services to households. These are the people who are required all the time by all homes. Even though these are small services, they have paramount importance. For example a leaked pipe or tap or fused wires can create difficulties of multitude proportions which needs immediate fixing. IEO provides these services in the utmost professional manner possible. The households are just a phone call away where they contact the IEO office and the handy man would be around their corner. With our Ultimate Handy Man vast supply chain, the company has been able to be extremely handy for the people with efficient services.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy has become cynosure of all eyes as it plays a pivotal role in the green deal movement initiated by the UK Government. Green deal is all about saving energy and using our natural resources to generate electricity. The United Kingdom has abundance of wind and this was supported by the fact that till the middle of 2011, it had installed 5.7 Giga watts of Wind power which contributes to the renewable energy generation. The primary sources of renewable energy services are:
1. Onshore wind
2. Offshore wind
3. Biomass
4. Heat pumps
Hire our Renewable Energy operators to handle your small building works, installations, repair and maintenance jobs, home improvements, and routine plumbing or electrical jobs Leave your repair and maintenance issues to our team of professionals.
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