The History of Elvis: 1965

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Elvis finally begins rebelling, albeit somewhat privately, against the forces which are making him ever more unsatisfied.

1. Elvis History: 1965

The spiritual emptiness in Elvis' life finally forces him into action, even if it is from the worldview of a pampered millionaire.More »

2. Elvis Timeline: 1965

Elvis meets the competition, goes on several spiritual and pharmalogical adventures, and pays less attention to his music than ever.More »

3. Elvis Recording Sessions: 1965

Presley becomes so disgusted with the state of his music that he can barely force himself to crank the soundtracks out.More »

4. Elvis Discography: 1965

A couple of classics, actually, but nothing of remotely near recent vintage,More »

5. Elvis Movies: 1965

For the first time, the movies are even worse than the music, including one so bad even the Colonel is horrified.More »
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