Stages of Pregnancy

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The emotion that crops in a pregnant women, a feeling of growing new life inside you is very stimulating but a slight apprehension and anxiety overlaid by the experiences and tales of the community around you can make this wonderful time of nine months miserable. Therefore, just calm down and take a look at these pregnancy guiding principles that will make your first step to motherhood a moment to enjoy and cherish.

If this is not your first pregnancy, or you know other pregnant women, you most likely have a clue of what will take place all through the next numerous months. If you have not actually notice in the past, you possibly like to have a short outline of what to anticipate during the various stages of pregnancy.

A pregnant woman goes through three stages of pregnancy: the first, second and third trimesters. Each trimester is of 12 weeks and through this article we will help you out in determining what to expect.

First Trimester
During pregnancy the first trimester lasts for at least 14 weeks. At this point of time a pregnant woman may face the freighted morning sickness and enlarged breasts. In this stage it is essential that you intake lot of minerals, vitamins and nutrients as they are necessary for development and growth of fetus. The best thing is to consult your health care physician to find out what is good for you.

Second Trimester
The second stage of pregnancy i.e. the second trimester lasts till the seventh month and is several times the most easiest stage of pregnancy as most pregnant women will begin to recover their energy. In second trimester your stomach will start expanding and people around become aware that you are pregnant. During this stage any signs of morning sickness ought to dispel, even though some women may go on experiencing it. At this instant you may feel that your baby start to kick and move.

Third Trimester

The Third Trimester is the last or the third stage of pregnancy. This stage is identified as the preparation time for birth of child. During this stage the mass of women body will increase to such an extent that it gives unbearable pain in the lower back of mother's body. The Third trimester is also known as the preparatory stage for would be mothers to get familiar with childbirth breastfeeding and exercises. This is the sorest stage among all the other stages of pregnancy. As this stage comprise of insistent symptoms like lower back pain, leg cramps, frequent urination with hysterical bladder activity, and a lot of other definite dilemma of pregnancy.

Each stage of pregnancy or trimester is of about three months long and will trait some milestones; however these can arise at diverse times for every pregnant woman. You will perhaps observe that your Health care physician may refer to your pregnancy generally in terms of the amount of weeks since the date of your last menstrual period.
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