Ideas for Partially Covered Decks

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    Create Your Partially Covered Deck

    • Some partially covered decks have ceilings made of wood, often of the same type used to build the deck. Aesthetically and in terms of the value of your home, this is a good idea. You can also create a partial covering for your deck with plastic awnings. Cover up any plastic by incorporating textiles and a tarp-like covering into your partially covered deck. Hang curtains from the wooden or plastic partial covering of the deck; these textiles can set the tone for a stylish backyard. Tartan, polka dot, a solid color or even a surf scene give your deck entertaining area character.

    Storage and Protection

    • Although a partially covered deck provides the best of both worlds with space for sun seekers as well as a rescue from hot days, this creates concerns for deck storage. On a fully covered deck, your furniture, barbecue grill and other items are well protected. However, if you have a partially covered deck, you need to ensure your items are pushed under the deck on bad days. Alternatively, you can invest in plastic storage for children`s toys while covering your furniture and grill with protective covers.

    Dividing Wall

    • Create separate spaces on your deck by building an adjacent wall; the covered portion of your deck is in its own "room," and the rest of your deck is open. Create a bar, cabana-style atmosphere by serving your guests drinks over the side of your bar. Add curtains to the top portion for intimate night gatherings.

    Layered Deck

    • If you`re making the top of your partially enclosed deck out of wood, make it extra sturdy so that it meets all code requirements for the project, and add a set of stairs to the top of the deck. This layered deck will not only be partially covered but will also give you an entirely new space. Thinking vertical helps you make the most of your available space.

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