Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Fast

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Hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month.
Hair health, genetics and your diet play a huge role in growth, but there are things you can do to move hair growth along at a faster rate.
Nutrients are fed to the hair through the follicles which also contains an oil gland to keep hair shiny and a tiny muscle that keeps the hair attached.
When you see new growth it is not alive and is composed of fibers made of 91 percent protein.
You need a healthy diet which is rich in B vitamins, biotin, and amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, and herbal compounds that stimulate the scalp.
So, if you want to grow your hair fast for starters you need; --A shampoo rich in amino acids (proteins) and herbs that stimulate the scalp --Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin A and Zinc and Copper contribute to healthy hair growth --Don't brush your hair when it is wet --Do a scalp massage to stimulate circulation --Quit smoking, it can cause thinning or loss --Try to limit dyes & chemicals, high heat from dryers, heated rollers or flat irons --Wear a hat if you will be in the sun --Be patient Although hair does not perform any function as say a kidney or eyesight would, as a society an abundance of hair for a woman equals femininity and for men it equals masculinity.
You could shave off all your hair or lose it and you would not die because of it, but in our culture, we want gorgeous hair.
We are also impatient and want instant results.
Although we can not get instant results growing hair, unless you get hair extensions; we can provide our hair and scalp with optimal growing conditions.
Much like a baby in the womb or a vegetable garden growing under a hot house.
If they are both given the nutrients they need, the optimal environment will get things going a little faster.
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