Senator John Reid Edwards, Governor Elliot Ashley Spitzer & Barrack Hussein Obama - Runoff Election

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It appears that the Democrat Party has a number of famous lawyers in their ranks and all have graduated from Top Ivy League Universities.
For instance, we have former President William Jefferson Clinton aka Bill Clinton whose scandal made one young intern from Beverly Hills, CA quite famous; you of course remember Monica Lewinski.
Apparently, other Democrats are busy following in his footsteps.
Now, we find Senator John Reid Edwards, a class-action lawyer had cheated on his dying wife and may have even fathered a child during the process of his affair.
Indeed, this is probably nothing compared to former Attorneys General Elliot Ashley Spitzer who had been paying prostitutes for sex for over a decade, even while he prosecuted other prostitution rings.
The prostitutes incidentally, being about the same age of his daughters.
Maybe, it's time to stop voting for Ivy League Democrat Lawyers for the highest offices in the land.
Instead, maybe we should take Senator Barrack Hussein Obama's advice and put the air in our tires and step on the gas and get as far away from these types of politicians as we can? Believe it or not many folks still believe in integrity and feel that if a man cheats on his wife, then how can you trust him to as a leader? I wonder in a run-off election between Senator John Reid Edwards, Governor Elliot Ashley Spitzer, Former President William Jefferson Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama, well, who would you vote for? None of the Above, needs to be a choice on that ballot for sure.
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