How Natural Sleep Herbs in Melatrol, Such As Valerian, Can Cure Insomnia

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If you are looking for a natural sleep aid that contains natural sleep herbs then look no further than Melatrol.
Melatrol contains Valerian which is an herb long used as a remedy for insomnia.
Melatrol and other natural sleep aids such as Zaleplon and Sominex contain valerian which is an accepted over the counter remedy in places such as Germany, France and Switzerland.
The way that valerian is believed to work is by affecting the levels of the calming neurotransmitter GABA therefore helping a person fall asleep.
Valerian unlike other natural sleep herbs doesn't seem to be addictive or cause grogginess in the morning.
Valerian has been shown in small clinical trials to help a person get to sleep.
Valerian is usually taken an hour before bedtime and takes about two to three weeks to work.
It must be noted that it should not be used for more than three months a time.
Valerian supplements such as Melatrol should not be taken with other medications especially sedatives and antihistamines.
These supplements should not be taken with alcohol either.
If you take a sleep aid then look for a one that contains valerian that in clinical trials that has been shown to be effective.
If you are having trouble getting to sleep at night also avoid caffeine drinks such as coffee and tea and avoid sugary food; as well as taking herbal sleep supplements.
If you are looking for a sleep aid look out for the ingredient valerian.
There are several independent sites out there to help you find a supplement that works for you.
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