How to Mount a CB Antenna

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    • 1). Drill a hole for the mount. Make sure there is clearance where drilling to avoid damaging wires or other vital components. For instance, if you decide to mount the CB antenna on the trunk lid, look under it first to ensure that it is a safe place to drill. You can find out what drill bit size you need by holding it up to the threaded portion of the antenna mount. You want the drill bit to be slightly larger than the outside of the threads, so that the CB antenna will slide in freely, but not have too much space to wiggle around.

    • 2). Insert the CB antenna through the hole and tighten up the nut. Once the antenna is mounted through the hole, slide a lock-washer onto the end, and then hand tighten the nut. Make sure the antenna is straight. If all looks acceptable, go ahead and tighten the nut with a wrench. The antenna is now permanently mounted on the vehicle.

    • 3). Run the cable to the radio. The coaxial cable attached to the CB antenna usually is about 18 feet long so that it works best with the frequency of the radio. Route the cable safely to the radio without winding it or looping it if at all possible. This will bring the strongest signal when transmitting or receiving. If you have excess cable after the install, make large loops rather than small coils. Run the cable in places where it cannot be kinked by doors or stepped on by passengers. Once the cable is routed, it simply screws into the center jack on the back of the CB radio.

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