How to Decorate With a Red Persian Rug

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    • 1). Place your rug where you entertain. Your Persian rug is an excellent conversational place and should rightly be the focal point of your entertaining area. Consider placing it in front of your sofa. For a more spacious appearance, keep the rug clutter- and furniture-free. If you must place furniture on top of it because of limited space, place the furniture around the perimeter of the rug only.

    • 2). Use traditional furniture. Persian rugs are staples in a traditional style home. Choose traditional furniture such as a curio cabinet, an antique writing desk and a set of Queen-Anne-style chairs.

    • 3). To complement your Persian rug's rich red color theme, choose gold, tan or black upholstery and furnishings. In keeping with the traditional decorating style belonging to a Persian rug, keep patterns subdued and minimal. Choose solid-colored accent pillows, tablecloths and table runners. Vary their textures for a more rich look.

    • 4). Decorate with pairs. Purchase sets of candlesticks, lamps and chairs to add to your traditional decor. These convey order, purpose and an understated elegance to your room--all features that draw attention to the beauty of your Persian rug.

    • 5). Match your window treatment to your rug. If there are two things in your room that must be red, let them be your rug and the window treatment.The large size of each piece helps balance the other piece out. Make sure the shades of red in these pieces both have the same undertone.

    • 6). Match your artwork to your Persian rug. Often the motif of a rug carries a certain theme. For example, you may see several images of camels, flowers or trees in your rug. Look for corresponding artwork to these themes, and frame these pieces with gilded frames or intricately carved wooden frames.

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