Lowering Blood Pressure

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We are all aware of the effect high blood pressure can have on our lives but many people fail to do anything about it.
By taking no action you are risking the inevitable heart attack or stroke that will follow at some time or other, if left untreated.
If you are found to be suffering from high blood pressure, there are a number of courses of action open to you.
Lowering blood pressure is not the most difficult thing in the world to do but it must be tackled with enthusiasm and determination.
If you are not determined to beat it, it could beat you.
Your doctor could recommend a course of medication to combat the problem but, in many cases, drugs can have side effects.
In addition, it could take some time to find medication that suits you as finding a compatible drug might not be straightforward.
Moreover, if taking this option you could be on medication for the rest of your life.
The natural alternative to drugs is a far better way.
This method starts with a change in eating habits, leaving processed and fast foods alone and replacing them with fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat.
As well as eating fish at least twice a week and not incorporating salt into your food.
Regular exercise is essential even if you start by taking a walk a few times a week; it will give your heart the exercise it needs.
So with this in mind it is advisable to set aside 30 minutes three times a week.
Then to progress from walking to more strenuous exercise as soon as you are comfortable with what you have achieved.
But before anything too ambitious is attempted, advice from your doctor should be sought and adhered to particularly if you have never carried out any form of exercise before.
Obesity is another of the many causes of high blood pressure.
By eating a healthy diet and taking some form of exercise will ensure that your weight is reduced to an acceptable level therefore putting less pressure on your heart.
Needless to say smoking has to stop and alcohol intake should not exceed 2 units per day.
In many cases people smoke and drink to combat the stress that accompanies your busy lifestyle.
However, it is far better to embark on a course of hypnotherapy or some form of self-help rather than smoke and drink to excess.
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