How to Trim a Walkera Helicopter

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    • 1). Turn on the helicopter and the transmitter, then place the helicopter on a flat, wide-open surface.

    • 2). Apply slight throttle to fly the helicopter vertically to an altitude of about 3 feet. Reduce the thrust to maintain a steady hover, then assess the helicopter's flight behavior to determine the necessary trim adjustments.

    • 3). Use the rudder trim adjustment (located underneath the left joystick) to correct any unwanted rotation of the aircraft. Slide the trim adjuster to the left to correct clockwise rotation; slide the trim adjuster right to correct counterclockwise rotation. Make incremental changes in the trim setting until the helicopter no longer spins without input from the transmitter.

    • 4). Use the elevator trim (located adjacent to the left joystick) to adjust the helicopter's forward and backward movement. If the helicopter flies forward while in hover, slide the trim down until it no longer moves that way; slide the trim up to correct unwanted backward movement.

    • 5). Use the aileron trim (located underneath the right joystick) to correct unwanted sideways movement of the helicopter. Slide the trim opposite the movement of the helicopter to offset it. For example, if the helicopter banks to the left while hovering, slide the trim right. If the helicopter banks right, slide the trim left. Make incremental changes until the helicopter maintains a steady hover.

    • 6). Land the helicopter by reducing the thrust steadily until the helicopter touches the ground. Reduce the throttle fully. If the rotors do not stop, move the throttle trim (located adjacent to the right joystick) to adjust the idle setting. Slide the trim adjuster down until the rotors stop.

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