How To Deal With Ebay’s Negative Feedback

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The feedback system of Ebay can make or break the success of the Seller. All Power Sellers have a lot of positive feedback behind them. On the other side of the coin, a negative feedback can harm sales and could prevent your business to grow or it can shut it down for good. This feedback systems was implemented so as to get the buyer’s and sellers’ to review their transaction if it went smoothly or not. If a buyer pays for the item fast, then the seller would normally give him a positive feedback for the quick payment. On the other hand, if the seller ships the item quickly, the buyer will also give them a good feedback. This method, buyers and sellers will know who are honest Ebayers that takes their business seriously.

A negative feedback has a big impact on sellers especially. If your feedback score dips down below the nineties or lower, buyers will not normally buy your items and they will shop somewhere else. If you feel that the negative feedback is unjustified like a buyer was just not easy to work with or has demands that are unrealistic, what can a seller do?

The best way not to have a negative feedback is to prevent it from happening in the first place. But after a lot of bending backwards to a buyer or a seller and you still get a negative feedback, you can seek help from a mediation services like Square Trade. With this service, you can sign up and file a case regarding the feedback. You just need to explain to them why the negative feedback is not justified.  But whenever a mediator is involved, it will cost you around 20-30 dollars. There are certainly times that a peaceful resolution is worth the price. It is up to you if you need to pay in the hopes to retract the feedback or just leave it alone.

One thing that you don’t do is to argue or even harass customers just because they left you a negative feedback. Just stick to the facts. If a buyer claims that the item was not as described, tell them that any flaws and defects were described on the auction’s description. When they complain about shipment delays, email them the shipping dates. Just do not personally attack the buyer.

We do make mistakes and in any event that you are the sole responsible for the mistake, try to apologize for the honest mistake that you made and tell them that you were not given a chance to correct things before the feedback was posted. This can ease down the disgruntled buyer and can actually make them retract their feedback.

On Ebay, there are right and wrong ways to handle negative feedback but as long as you respond with professionalism, you can improve you reputation.
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