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Web Designing is not about creating layout with tables, adding colors, content and images. It is an ART of creating Websites as per client requirements, following the latest trends in designing.
It is a creative field which requires lot of imagination and concept visualization. It is about understanding the clients business and delivering a website as per the requirements. Client may need a Static Website or Dynamic Website to suit his business.

The course will make you learn HTML, HTML 5, and Cascading Style
sheets (CSS). It is intended for comprehensive learners to the subject, and assumes you have no knowledge of creating web pages. You will not be requiring any expensive software to buy for this course.

This course will enable you to become a professional web & graphics designer, web consultant or web entrepreneur. In our website design course we strive to provide real time experience and in depth practical knowledge of the subject.

Our faculty members are practicing professionals from within the industry and provide hands-on exposure to the latest technologies and industry trends.

The course offers comprehensive training in tool technologies that are critical to a successful career in multimedia.Knowledge of graphics tools will provide a lot of creative possibilities to showcase ones abilities and potential as a graphic artist.

This Course Includes Visual element such as line art, photographs, drawings, graphs, used in spreadsheets and images, used in CD-ROMs, help students in visualizing and conceptualizing illustrated image projections on digital formats. The software packages offered during Web Design Course will help one to develop a clear understanding of design concepts and application.

If you are planning to launch your career exclusively in the online space in which the Internet is your digital backdrop, then this Course is for you. The various courses in graphic designing, desktop publishing and animation all prepare you directly for a career as a web designer and online design professional. We start from the basics to tell you all about the WWW and its various constituents.

In Design training course, you will also learn about the different types of web hosting, domain and IP management. The tool technologies you will master during this course in order to build both static and dynamic websites.

Software packages of Web Design Course includes

€ Adobe Photoshop
€ Illustrator
€ Adobe Flash with Scripting 3.0 & Adobe Dream Weaver
€ HTML 5
€ JQuery
€ CSS3

It is a one of the auspicious career in IT field which can aid you to get a well-paid. If you have an imaginative mind and want to do something new then web design course is best for you. We at provide web design training course with live projects on the go to make you learn more and more. We aspire to provide you with the best of the designing course and make you a master of it.
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