Using Firms To Help You Get A Quick House Sale

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Sometimes people need to sell their house, and it has to be done sooner rather than later. There are many reasons why they could have to do this. For family reasons, they may need to re-locate to another part of the country or even go overseas, perhaps to take care of a relative who is very ill and needs help straight away.

Or they may need to pay off debts which can't be settled any other way. A quick house sale would relieve them of their financial burden and stop lenders from phoning and sending legal letters and worse of all - debt collectors.

Selling through a traditional estate agent can take six months or more, which may be too long for many to wait. There's also no certainty through this route. A potential buyer can drop out after many weeks of negotiations. This can cost you money that you may not have. You may also have turned other possible buyers away in the meantime.

But the good news is there are specialist agents who will get it sold faster. They don't act as an agent, they buy it from you. In some cases this can be in seven days. In addition to the speed offered by this route, the certainty is also very attractive. You have a guaranteed sale. They buy direct from you, so there is no chain as usually happens with an estate agent. And once they have made their offer, they won't change their mind as sometimes happens with ordinary buyers.

They also enable you to rent back your house, so you don't actually have to move, and you save money on removal expenses. Not only that, some quick house sale firms allow people to retain the right to buy back their house after selling to them and paying rent to live in it.

Selling to these agents will mean you may get anything between 75% and 90% of what you could get by selling through a traditional estate agent. But you get more certainty, a faster sale, and the option to stay put and even buy it back at a later date. There are more benefits, too, which make this route look even more attractive.

Because you're selling quickly, you have fewer mortgage payments to make. Usually you'd be making at least six or more payments when selling through an regular estate agent.

The quick house sale firm also usually pays the legal fees, which are typically in the region of 500. And of course there are no estate agent's fees to pay. Normally with an estate agent you would be paying around 2% + VAT. In addition you won't get the problems associated with a potential buyer dropping their offer after the survey. Buyers often drop their offer by 2% at this stage.

So if you add this lot up, you could save around 7,000 by using a company or firm that can offer this kind of quick house sale package in the United Kingdom.
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