How to Clean Out an EGR Valve With Carbon Build-Up

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    • 1). Park the vehicle and allow it to cool for a half hour. Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the EGR valve. The valve will be on the engine intake manifold. Refer to your owner's manual to a component diagram if needed.

    • 2). Remove the valve by loosening and removing the two bolts that secure it to the mount. The bolts can be removed using a socket wrench. Place the bolts to the side to ensure they do not get lost. Pull the valve off of the mount. Force may be required if there is excessive carbon buildup.

    • 3). Place the valve on concrete or a piece of cardboard to ensure cleaner does not damage any surrounding materials or components. Spray the valve generously with carburetor cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soak for five minutes; if there is excessive buildup, allow the cleaner to penetrate the carbon for 10 minutes.

    • 4). Clean the valve using a wire brush and rag to scrub away carbon deposits. If needed, spray carburetor cleaner on stubborn spots. Continue this process until all carbon deposits are gone.

    • 5). Wipe the valve clean using the rag. Allow the valve to air dry completely before reinstalling.

    • 6). Place the valve back onto the valve mount; line up the holes on the valve and valve mount. Replace the bolts and tighten using the socket wrench. The valve is now cleaned and ready for use.

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