How to Troubleshoot AT&T Messaging and Voice Mail

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    • 1). Make sure to dial "1," your area code and your full 10-digit wireless number from an outside phone if you get a recording telling you your call could not go through when dialing voice mail from a phone other than your cellphone.

    • 2). Delete old, unnecessary messages if you get a message while checking your voice mail that says your mailbox is full. Press and hold the "1" button in order to access the voice mail of your cellphone. If prompted, provide your voice-mail pass phrase. Press "7" from your Message Playback menu in order to delete a voice message while you are playing it back.

    • 3). Access your voice mail by pressing and holding the "1" key on your handset if you get an error when you try to use your voice mail. Put in a password for your voice mail that is anywhere from 4 to 15 digits by following the prompts that are given. Record your own name and greeting and press down the "#" sign key. Press "*" to go back to the main menu when you have finished setting up.

    • 4). Make sure you enter the entire 10-digit phone number when you send a text message if you cannot receive or send text messages. Make sure your AT&T phone is not in Airplane mode and that the data connection is turned on.

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