How to Avoid Cataracts

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To some extent, the health of eyes is vitally related with that of people's bodies.
If there are some health problems in their bodies, people may get some eye problems, such as cataracts.
Cataract is the result of aging process, in which people's lens becomes weaker as they age.
People with cataract may find that there is blurriness in their eyes, for their corneas are covered with some cloudiness.
And as time goes by, these symptoms will be even worsened.
The first reaction for people to the solution of cataracts is surgery.
It is true that at present time, surgery is the most accepted method for cataract treatment.
In the surgery, the cataract can not be removed in due time.
And some artificial lenses will be employed to replace the initial corneas.
However, the surgery has some demerits.
Such as, it is too expensive for common people to afford; the surgery can not bring permanent brightness.
In fact, stress is the major factor that leads to cataract.
Many statistics have found that people working under great pressures are prone to cataracts.
For these people seldom have enough time to relax, their eyes are easily suffering from some problems.
In addition to stresses, sometimes imbalanced diet can also lead to cataract.
Such as people often eat some foods that are high in fat but low in vitamins and other minerals.
To some extent, sufficient relaxation and balanced food can help people avoid cataracts.
So people are suggested to eat foods with sufficient vitamins and minerals.
And of course, fruits and vegetables are also essential alternatives.
And people are suggested not to smoke or drink wines if they want to live healthily.
In a word, people should learn to live healthy lives, such as regular sports.
Some researches find that regular exercises can help people to reduce their stresses.
People are suggested to do some exercises every week.
If they are really very busy, they should at least have a jog.
There is a good method for the health of eyes.
People should expose themselves to the sunlight for some short time with their eyes closed.
This is because; light can stimulate the vitality of eyes.
The most important thing is people should learn how much work they can handle and refuse some unnecessary tasks.
Learning to relax one self is a very beneficial habit to the health of people's vision.
So the best way to avoid cataract is to relax.
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