Can You Trust Reviews About Movers?

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These days, whenever you want to find out more information about a particular company, it is common practice to turn to the Internet and find reviews that can tell you whether or not you can put your trust in that company.
The same is true for movers.
If you are getting ready to move and you need to hire a professional moving company, you are likely going to look at reviews on the web for references.
Unfortunately, the majority of moving company reviews are not worth factoring into your decision.
The main reason for this is that the reviews might not actually be written by real customers.
Some companies hire writers to write reviews or re-write reviews so that they have pages of glowing references.
This means you can never be sure that a good review is factual, even if it seems as if the writer actually used the services.
Sometimes, because professional movers are vying for your business, they might offer certain incentives to customers to visit their website and write positive reviews.
This includes contests to win free services or coupons for discounts on moving supplies.
People will do anything to save a buck, including saying something on a website that might not be entirely truthful.
In most cases, if a customer has a change of heart and wants to retract the positive review, the company won't let that happen.
In fact, some companies will go so far as to delete poor reviews just to make them look perfect.
You can be sure that if you are only seeing positive reviews on a moving company's website, you are not getting the entire picture.
No company is without flaws and customers who receive bad service or defective products are not shy about telling other people about their experience.
Every company receives negative feedback once in a while, but how they respond to it is a better judge of their sincerity as a company.
For this reason, you should always check out reliable sources for information on professional movers.
This includes asking for opinions from your friends and family and visiting your local Better Business Bureau website to see how many complaints have been registered about the mover you are considering.
You can also tell whether or not complaints were satisfactorily resolved through the BBB, which is a good indication of what could happen if you experience a problem during your move.
The bottom line is that you cannot trust online reviews of professional moving companies.
It is far too easy for them to be fabricated, thereby giving you a false sense of security when choosing the one to handle your move.
Instead, use reliable resources as the basis for your research and you will end up with a company that fits your needs.
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