Your Healthy Guide to the Restaurant Menu - How to Choose Good Food Without Sabotaging Your Diet

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For dieters and the weight-conscious, cutting calories is most important.
However, what often concerns them is how to make healthier choices when it comes to eating in fast food restaurants.
More often than not, the hardest part is choosing from a menu and not sabotaging a diet.
All you need is a little curiosity and a wise decision-making.
There are so many mouth-watering dishes on the menu and it is important to make careful selections.
Pay attention to the descriptions and labels of different dishes in the list, and if necessary, ask for fat or calorie information.
Always keep an eye on saturated fat, cholesterol, or sodium, which means avoid dishes that are deep-fried, basted, pan-fried, batter-dipped, creamy, crispy, breaded, scalloped, au gratin, Alfredo, or in cream sauce.
Watch out for too much salt and sugar.
If you want to be certain about it, you can always make a special request to have your meal done the healthy way you want it.
Consider healthy substitutions.
Skinless chicken that is broiled, steamed, or roasted instead of fried is a good choice.
A vegetable for your appetizer and a fruit for your dessert would be great.
Say a no-no to sodas; drink water, unsweetened tea, or hot tea with your meal instead.
Choose a smaller portion size if possible and never supersize anything.
If the restaurant does not offer half-size orders, you can always share it with others at your table or take a box home.
On the other hand, many restaurants allow you to order smaller portions of your heart-healthy meals at lower prices.
Therefore, you do not have to worry sabotaging your diet in a restaurant.
You can definitely plan and check the menu for what fits into your meal plan.
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