Steamy Seduction Tips - Seduce Your Man

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The art of feminine seduction is one of the most powerful tools that a woman can use to create true intimacy in a relationship.
In its purest form, seduction is a woman using her femininity to bring about her desired outcome.
It can be something as simple as a sideways glance at a man to get him to give up a seat on a subway or flirting with her husband to get him to take out the trash all the way up to some very naughty things that might not be appropriate for this article.
The long and the short of it is that you want some ideas of how you might be able to steam things up a little bit in your relationship.
Perhaps things have grown a little stale and you miss the days when he looked at you a certain way.
Maybe you feel that he doesn't find you desirable and you worry about him straying like a bad dog.
Some seduction skills can certainly help you in those areas and the great thing is that you will both benefit! You will feel more attractive and desirable and he will feel more desirable as well.
You see...
everybody wins! Here are a few creative tips to get you started in learning about seduction and seducing your man.
Love Notes - Notes left in his briefcase or car to find later with naughty things written on them are a great way to keep him thinking of you throughout the day.
Vary the places and messages that you write in your notes.
Feel free to be completely naughty at times and other times you can be funny.
If you have any inside jokes a reference to an inside joke might be a great way to brighten his day and keep him thinking about you.
Just be aware that once you start leaving notes for him to find, especially naughty notes, he will become addicted to them.
He will be running around like a kid on Christmas morning looking for his notes and don't be surprised that if you stop he will wonder what happened.
Have fun with this one! Bathroom Mirror - A note left written in the steam on the bathroom mirror is a fun way to leave him a note and is a bit of a spin off on the note theme.
The great thing about this is that the note will only show up when the mirror gets steamed up again.
Be careful though that you don't write something too graphic if you are having company over.
Another idea is to leave a note on the mirror written in lipstick complete with your lip prints beside it.
Something as simple as "I still want you" might remain there for weeks if not months to remind him of how much you want him.
Bucket List - During a quiet moment why not discuss your sexual "bucket list"..
A list of the things that you want to do or that you've never done together.
Don't agree to anything that you are not OK with but have some fun.
Simply talking about such things often will be enough to drive a man to distraction and wish to act upon some of the great ideas that you come up with together.
As a result of talking about things that you've never done or things that you want to do you will further open the lines of communication and intimacy between you and your partner.
Fulfilling each other's fantasies will not only keep you happy but also keep him from thinking that he might have to go elsewhere to find a woman that wants to make him happy.
Lingerie - Ask him to pick out some lingerie for you or go online and do a little shopping with him.
These days there is a wide array of lingerie and sexy clothes available online so there is no need to embarrass him by dragging him out to a store...
although that might be fun for him if he is willing.
Also show him what you like in case he ever wants to buy you something.
Sometimes an honest discussion about lingerie can bring about some very positive results.
Showing your man that an uncomfortable piece of lingerie that he likes might only be worn once in a while because of under wires and garters...
but that you would probably wear a nice silk robe or teddy every night of the week could bring about a very positive result.
Take some or all of these tips to heart and you will surely see a difference in the amount of attention that your man gives you and be prepared for the rush of power that you will feel as you explore the power of feminine seduction.
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