Arthritis - Symptoms and Effects

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Arthritis is a name derived from the Greek language and describes the disease well.
"Arthron" means 'joint' and "itis" means 'inflammation'.
This is therefore a disease of the joints in the body.
Arthritis has been found on skeletons dating back to prehistoric times and presently doctors estimate that over a hundred million people suffer from some form of the disease all over the world.
Characteristics or symptoms of arthritis include inflammation and pain at the joints such as the elbows, hips, knees, ankles, wrist or just about every joint in the body.
Believe it or not, but arthritis can also affect the skin, eyes and chest too besides the musculoskeletal system.
There may be a reddening of the affected joint but this is not always a symptom and may not always be present along with arthritis.
Arthritis may not necessarily occur at all joints simultaneously.
A majority of patients suffer from arthritis in one or more joints in the body.
All said and done, arthritis is a very painful and uncomfortable disease and needs to be dealt with as soon as the first symptoms appear.
Is There A Solution To Arthritis? Unfortunately, there seems to be no actual cure for arthritis even in this modern day and age with so many scientific breakthroughs, though there are numerous herbal and allopathic inflammation relief ointments available over the counter today, which promise quick relief, but their effects are usually short-lived.
In fact, medical opinion is still divided on the question, 'can arthritis be prevented?' Thus, though there are many new clinical trials being conducted for seeking out the answer millions of arthritis affected people the world over are waiting for, only time and measurable scientific tests will tell whether any of these treatments can actually cure arthritis and not simply act as temporary relief measures.
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