RV Insurance Policy Basics

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Why should you get an RV insurance policy?You have a great insurance company already for your home and automobile policies.
Why not just go with them for your RV insurance policy?If you are looking for the best deals and coverage for your recreational vehicle you will not find any better than a specialized RV insurance policy.
Just as you probably would not go to a regular car dealership to purchase your recreational vehicle, you should not buy an RV insurance policy from an auto insurer.
If you are concerned about the additional cost of RV insurance on top of your RV payments, then you should figure it in to the monthly payment amount before you buy your recreational vehicle if possible.
It is very similar to when you figure out a mortgage payment.
You always want to know the cost after the taxes and insurance are added in.
Here are some reasons to purchase an RV insurance policy: 1.
An RV policy covers claims that a regular auto insurance policy does not cover.
It is similar to combining a house and auto policy into one.
If someone accidentally trips going up the stairs in your RV and hurts themselves, your RV insurance policy would cover that.
A good RV insurance policy will give you great replacement coverage.
If you purchase the RV new, and you are the original owner, and your RV is totaled in the first 5 years, you can get a brand new replacement RV of the same quality as your old RV.
After the first 5 years, you will be given what you paid for the RV brand new.
If you buy a used RV you will be given the purchase price towards the cost of another RV.
What kind of RV do you own?Whether it is a simple truck camper or a fully equipped diesel pusher you can get RV insurance coverage.
It also does not matter what the age of your RV is.
If you want peace of mind and to protect your investment, RV insurance is a necessary purchase.
It may end up saving you money and hassle over the long run.
If you want an even greater peace of mind, you should also consider purchasing an extended warranty.
The manufacturer's warranty on an RV is usually only about 3 years long.
Bumper to bumper is often shorter.
An extended warranty takes the worry out of travel.
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