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How often have you needed a laptop replacement part? That likely depends on the number of laptops you've owned, what kind of work or entertainment you used them for, and how well you took care of them. Pushing a laptop all the time just about guarantees that parts will wear out faster. The parts that wear out the fastest are the sound cards, the video cards, the power jack for the AC adapter, and the wires leading to the screen from the main body of the laptop. But when these or any other part go bad or gets worn out, you have to make a decision. Do you try to repair it or do you replace it? If you replace it, then what are you going to do with the unused one? If you repair it, where can you get a good deal on a laptop replacement part?

Buying new laptops can get unreasonably expensive at the best of times, but more so in our current economic condition. Spending more money that people really have, also known as living beyond a person's means, is making people lose their homes to foreclosure, and it's nearly impossible to get another home once those foreclosures are ruining credit scores, forcing many to live in declining accommodations and lower quality of life. Eating a proper diet becomes difficult because of the cost of fresh foods.

Many people, especially those with families, must resort to buying cheap, processed foods or junk foods simply to feed everyone. It's not good for anyone's health and one of the reasons our country has such a problem with obesity. The situation doesn't improve for those who have to have a working laptop in order to work at their jobs or maintain their livelihood. If there isn't a working laptop available for them, they cannot do their jobs, become unemployed, and then they join the vicious cycle of living beyond their means as well.

Keep It Out

Laptops have too many elements and components that should not get buried in a landfill, or thrown into an incinerator, which are the usual ways of waste management in landfills and dumps. Laptops are built with heavy metals like lead, nickel and cadmium. If they get buried, the batteries and laptop decay along with any other household trash they've been buried with. But those heavy metals seep into the ground, and winds up in our water supplies, plant life, lands and it's not difficult to imagine how badly it can affect our health as well.

Those laptop batteries are prone to exploding in incinerators, and then we have pollutants in the air as well. Why should anyone want to assist in putting toxic substances into our food, water or air? Unfortunately, the more electronic waste goes into landfills, the more we make that happen. It's time to stop this harmful progress and start making the environment cleaner and healthier for everyone, including ourselves.

Getting It Repaired

Laptop repair and refurbishment is a quickly mounting industry. For the consumer, that means the ability to keep a laptop longer and just using laptop replacement parts to repair components which go bad or get damaged. When a laptop is refurbished, every useful part of every laptop acquired is put to use to make a working device. Laptop parts from a Sony device that cannot be made whole and working will go into another Sony laptop, or if compatible and needed elsewhere, it will go into another brand of laptop.

Those parts that are no longer usable are disposed of to minimize or eliminate toxic materials like lead and mercury from contaminating our planet. Any consumer can sell a laptop that is no longer going to be used, and the more people do it, the better off we all are. Companies that buy used and broken laptops can be found on the Internet with just a few keywords in the web search, and it also means more money in a consumer's pocket. Be certain that any companies you deal with are also active environmentally, doing all they can to improve waste management. We all have too much riding on this planet to leave it in the hands of luck or chance.  
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