RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Instructions

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    Visitor Status

    • There are five key statistics for each visitor: Energy, hunger, thirst, nausea and happiness. When a visitor's energy level gets low, he will walk slowly and is only interested in riding the exciting rides to wake himself up. Hunger and thirst will both increase as the visitor spends time in the park. Be sure to have plenty of concession stands available for your visitors to purchase food and drinks. Very wild roller coasters may make some of your visitors sick. Sick visitors walk slowly and get in the way of the other visitors trying to get on a ride.


    • You must hire employees to take care of the day-to-day operations of your theme park. Rides will break down over time, so you need a mechanic to repair problems. Mechanics also perform periodic inspections of the rides, which increases the reliability of each ride for a short time after the inspection. Handymen walk through the park cleaning up vomit, emptying trash cans, and taking care of the lawn and gardens. Each handyman can be given specific orders so one can be in charge of the trash while another mows the lawn. When your park gets crowded, you can hire entertainers to stand near the queue. This will improve the happiness level of the visitors that are waiting. Security guards prevent the theme park's benches, trash cans and lights from being vandalized.

    Rides and Stalls

    • The assortment of rides you choose for the park will determine how popular the park is with visitors. You can customize the size and configuration of the track for rides like roller coasters, monorails or car rides. Think about your visitors when building each ride. You want to create a ride that is exciting enough to make visitors happy, without being so extreme that it makes them sick. Stalls such as restrooms, information kiosks, souvenir stands, restaurants and drink stands provide crucial services to keep visitors happy in the park.

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